Local strategies for a better world

Dining out

What makes a restaurant green? I have my own ideas, and I’ve done some looking around for what other people think. Here are the criteria I am starting out with:

First and foremost, the food should be ethically sourced.

Some organic options should be on the menu.

As much as possible, food should be local.

Menus should be centred around seasonal produce.

It should have good vegetarian option.  And I mean good. There’s nothing worse than asking for their vegetarian menu and being offered yet another wilted Caesar salad or boring veggie burger.

Owners should think about sustainable design (avoidance of plastic? recycled materials? on-site vegetable gardens? solar panels?)

Last, but still important, it should be a pleasurable dining experience, in an accessible space, with good service.

That’s seven points to consider, so I guess I will start out with a seven-star rating system.

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