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I don’t really feel sad when it’s time to pack up the garden for winter. I’m already planning for next year. I’ve learned from my failures, and I’m planning to capitalize on my successes. The big success this year was the Heritage Pink Bumblebee cherry tomatoes — wow. They were fantastic. So sweet!

I got the seeds at the “Seedy Sunday” event at The Local CFC way back in February. I also got some nice heritage slicing tomatoes, but the cherry tomatoes were the big winner. They really produced well, too, and for some reason, squirrels don’t get at the cherry tomatoes as much as they do the larger ones.

The event also offered several lectures on seeds and gardening. I attended the lecture on seed saving and learned a lot from it. The nice thing about heritage tomatoes is that you can save the seeds, and they will do just as well next year. This isn’t true of the hybrids you buy in catalogues. If you’re a gardener, it’s worth it to plan to attend “Seedy Sunday” next spring; there are all kinds of different seeds, and a lot of knowledgeable people to help you.